Indian Breads:


Whole wheat puffy bread deep fried in refined vegetable oil.



Traditional soft bread with or without butter.


Tandoori Roti

An unleavened whole wheat bread.


Garlic Naan

Traditional Naan bread, subtly flavored with select garlic.



Whole wheat bread leavened with melted butter.


Aloo Paratha

Stuffed with potatoes and spices.


Onion Kulcha

Delicious bread stuffed with spicy minced onions.


Paneer Kulcha

A heavenly stufting of homemade cheese and spices.


Bullet Naan

Stuffed with Serrano peppers


Bread Basket

Combination of freshly baked breads, Aloo Paratha, Onion kulcha, Garlic naan


Kashmiri Naan

Baked leavened bread with pistachios, cherries and raisins.


Keema Naan

Traditional Nan bread, subtly flavored with select garlic.and Red Chili Powder